Abu Dhabi

Exploring Abu Dhabi is a fulfilling experience since there is so much to see and visit. There are many attractions and cultural; heritage places that relive the city’s traditional past. On the other hand, natural islands nearby the main land give a sneak peek into the challenging desert environment. Here are the five popular tourist attractions in the capital of United Arab Emirates that offer something to suit every taste.


Corniche dresses up Abu Dhabi in the most fanciful patterns for a city that is so boringly adorned with concrete towers. Livening up the city’s waterfront area, the Corniche is a jewel in the crown of Abu Dhabi with it neatly laden pavements, cycling paths, separate playing areas for children and a Blue Flag beach. Trimming the city’s borders from Hilton Hotel until Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, the Corniche salutes traditional values with separate sections for families, singles and public. While the entry to family and singles beach is charged, entry to the public beach is free. If you want to soak in the panoramic horizon of Abu Dhabi, hire a bicycle and enjoy the pedalling power on special cycle paths.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Worshippers know no bounds when it comes to dedicating a shrine to their beloved God. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, built-in remembrance of HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, reflects the splendour and grandeur of UAE’s Islamic architectural styles. It marks the first and largest of many such as the world’s third largest chandelier and world’s largest Persian carpet. The interiors of the mosque shine in the resplendent Swarovski crystals, glorious pools and columns carved with unique calligraphy styles.

Ferrari World

The thrilling, bizarre adrenaline pumping through our veins is an enough reason to visit Ferrari World on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. It is the first and largest Ferrari Park in the world mapping the story of an automobile giant through the decades. Kids, teenagers and adults; there is something for everyone to do, right from interactive 4D adventures to the spine-tingling G-Force.

Emirates Palace

Abu Dhabi’s iconic landmark, Emirates Palace truly epitomizes luxury and brilliance. The palace, which is second most expensive hotel ever built, spans over 100 hectares and features 114 domes, 1,002 chandeliers and two handmade carpets each weighing a tonne. There is a glaze of opulence in every visible part of the hotel as gold, mother of pearl and crystals dominate the interior.

Heritage Village

Heritage Village reflects the past of Abu Dhabi when it was just a small village occupied by the local Bedouins. It is interesting to know how the Bedouins lived, fended for themselves and worked around their traditional skills. Get a glimpse of their life at the campfire with coffee pots, goat’s hair tent, workshops of weaving and spinning and spice shops which sell local herbs.